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I love developing Bukkit plugins for minecraft. I like the community of developers and players that collaborate to create amazing new things that add up to the game. There are a lot of plugins available for download on the Bukkit developers site, but if you really want your ideas to become reality you will need custom plugins.

Bukkit CodeDetailed documentation

We deliver organized and clean code so you can easily understand and expand the plugin after purchase. All of our custom plugins will have a detailed API and documentation on how to implement the plugin into others.

Not only will we comment our code, but we also include a simple but effective in-game help. Programming a plugin that will not break is our #1 goal.

Be Original

Enjoy the latest features

Minecraft updates, so does bukkit. But plugin developers are sometimes scared to apply these new features to their plugin. Why? because they need to address a lot of users and servers that may not be updated yet.

With a custom plugin from MVdW Software we optimize the plugin for your Bukkit version of choice. We will suggest several new features that could be added.

Test the plugin

Two year Warranty

We give two years of warranty for the plugin. This means the plugin will get updated if it breaks during a minecraft update or if there are bugs. This does not mean we will add extra features in the meanwhile.

Normally there would be no updates required. You can request a plugin update of your purchased plugin by clicking the “Request Update” button on top of this page.


Connect with your plugin

Expand your plugin! Every plugin comes with a great Application interface allowing you to connect and interfere with it.
You can also order a plugin that hooks into another existing plugin such as WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Protection plugins or maybe even our own custom made plugins.

Some bukkit plugins do not have the capability to hook into. If the source code is available and the license allows it, we can create a custom plugin based upon that plugin.


Gain profit

Gain profit from your custom plugin! Custom plugins are a huge upvote for your server. Not only can it make your server more popular, but you will get more donations as well.

MVdW Software recommends buycraft to create custom ranks. We will provide a lot of configurable options and permission nodes so you can create custom ranks on your server.



Pay fast and secure

We accept payments using PayPal. This is a secure, fast and reliable way to pay. During the plugin trial you have the option to cancel the plugin request (we do request a reason for the sudden cancellation because we’ve put time into the plugin). Once the plugin trial has expired and we have not received a payment in the meantime you will be send an official invoice that allows you to make a secure payment.

PayPal also allows people with other currency’s to easily pay in EURO (the currency we use).

Price list

Giving a price list is hard because the Bukkit API and other plugin API’s are unpredictable. Some feature may seem easy, but are not. This list is just a ‘costs more’ ‘costs less’ list based on already made plugins, you can always ask for the price of a specific plugin.

List: (Price from high to low)

  1. Unique minigames – New minigame ideas
  2. Multiplayer minigames – Minigames such as CTF, TDM
  3. Singplayer minigames – Puzzles and more …
  4. Protection plugins – Protection plugins need to be tested. They require a good and fast database structure.
  5. External site interaction – Login to an external site, etc..
  6. External database communication – Changing databases ingame (promoting on forum ,..)
  7. Teleportation plugins – Teleportation plugins have to be tested a lot.
  8. Plugin hooks – Plugin hooks into WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Shop plugins, Protection plugins and more…
  9. Fun plugins – Fun plugins that add a few fun and easy features to the game (such as thor, recipe, effects, ..)
  10. Basic plugins (mostly one command) – Plugins that only makes small changes

This price includes:

  • A plugin test that you can use for two days*
  • Detailed documentation on how to use the plugin
  • Code as a zip file
  • The plugin (.jar) after the payment is completed
  • Two year warranty and updates (fixes)
  • All rights for the plugin, you can sell it or release it public (you must however give credits to us)

* Some plugins that are made to only run once will not be given as a test plugin. The test plugin will deactivate and delete itself once the period has passed. Distributing or bypassing the period of this test plugin can result in a lawsuit.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page and Terms Of Service first before asking me!

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