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The more you want configurable to more the price will rise If you have a plugin that costs 50 euro, and you want to separate a feature in another plugin the price will be higher Allowing to make the config configurable

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This is now a blacklist containing servers and people who broke our agreement and are not allowed to order any more plugins.   Chris Akerboom (schoolkid182, schoolkidFTW) [] – Gangs Plugin Server taken down Shaun Appleby/Waster (ShaunMC, shaun.waster) cheap jordans online [] –


“What can you do?” – I master C++, C#, Java , php , javascript, html, css, ruby, python and objective C. However as for freelancing I only do Java plugins and Php , html, css hooks to plugins. “Can you be a developer on

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Private Plugins (Custom plugins) When there is an agreement on the price, you are required to purchase the plugin for that price once the trial has exceeded without any reported bugs or letting us know that you are no longer

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Name: Maxim Van de Wynckel Email: [email protected] Skype: MVdWSoftware More contact details can be given by mail